Conferences and Publications

AMTNYS Nov 2018


Forthcoming Book:

Disrupting Secondary STEM Education: Educator Experiences of Teaching for Globally Just Futures

Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Series: Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Teachers’ Work


Speaker, Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey Annual Conference, Princeton. October 2019.

Guest Lecturer, Educational Studies Department, Colgate University, NY. April 2019

Invited Primary Speaker, Annual Conference, AMTYNS: Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State – Saratoga Springs, NY, November 2018

Invited Faculty Professional Development Speaker/Trainer, Using Mindfulness and Related Techniques to Support Self-Regulation Among Elementary Students – Indian Fields Elementary School, Dayton (South Brunswick School District), NJ, October 2018

Introduction to Mindfulness PresenterStaff Development Day – Sherburne-Earlville High School, NY, October 2018

Lead Speaker, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Orlando Regional Conference 2017 

Invited Speaker, Educational Studies Department, Colgate University, NY 2017

Invited Attendee, Educator Summit 2017, Character Lab (Angela Duckworth), Philadelphia, July 2017

66th Annual Conference, AMTYNS: Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State, Rye, N, October 2016

New Jersey Association of Independent Schools – Biennial Professional Development Conference, Liberty Science Center, NJ, 2014

35th Annual Ethnography in Education Forum, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, 2014

Practicing Active Relaxation Exercises in an Academic Classroom Setting, 2014 (Master Thesis)


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