Welcome! From the Blogger :)

Watch my welcome video below to learn more about this blog and my work! You can also follow me on Twitter @LStillness.ย 

We are all part of a community of learners, so if you have an insight or reaction to any of my posts, you can share your thoughts by commenting below the post. When we discuss and share our ideas, we grow together as community of learners as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Fall 2018 Self Regulation Series! (for ALL ages): Click on this link for the related article in addition to the video below.




7 Responses to Welcome! From the Blogger :)

  1. pinki patel says:

    Embracing your pace is an amazing article and meditation. This is very beneficial to people of all ages. I am hoping to receive more and more meditations! Keep up good work ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Guru says:

    Payal, it was a good introduction and good topics to address. And you are a very good presenter.


  3. Linus says:

    Wow! What a wonderful blog you have embarked on and what a gift you will be giving your students and all of us in the blogs sphere! Looking forward to reading your blogs and watching your videos as you add new material to complete the roadmap you have outlined on wellness, growth mindset, and building character i.e. a better you! Sending you energy for this journey you have embarked on. Kudos Payal.


  4. kathtodd says:

    Payal, I have been so enjoying your blog. I have wanted to build meditation into my work day and your strategies are most helpful. Thank you for sharing your insights!


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