Note: Names are not included to protect privacy. The names of courses the student has taken with me are listed below the testimonial. I have not designated the level (academic, advanced, honors, etc) to keep it simple. All courses – including courses students took with me after the testimonial was written, are included.

My students come from various locations in the United States – East to West coast.

Prior to tutoring with Payal, I struggled with Pre-calc. After I started learning with her, I quickly grasped the main concepts and got an A on my midterm. My grades had an upward trend and it was all because of the attention Payal gave. After Pre Calc, she encouraged me to self study [AP] Calc AB. I confidently took the test and scored a 5 because Payal pushed me in unimaginable ways. As a result of self studying [AP] Calc with Payal, I started to love math again and no longer dread it. She made it very easy to ask questions and sometimes even asked me questions in return so that I could figure out the answer myself and remember the concept. She is very energetic and loves what she does and that definitely rubbed off on me as her student. Aside from math I also got tutoring in AP Chemistry. I found this course particularly difficult but we worked through the problems together and she made sure I was always ready for the tests. I will definitely miss learning from such a passionate teacher. I highly recommend Payal to any students struggling with their course work and assure you she will help you and push you in the best way possible. 

Student (Precalculus, AP Chemistry, Independent Study with me: AP Calculus AB)

We contacted Payal in the middle of the pandemic as our son transitioned from middle to high school. We were trying to help him be prepared with math and physics, but our teaching methods and his learning were colliding, resulting in many discussions and no progress. Payal had been our son’s yoga teacher and we always remembered her fondly. I found her old email address and she replied immediately. What followed was instant reconnection: after the first class she totally “gets him”, his learning style, his strengths and weaknesses, his sense of humor. She is kind but firm, challenging and empathetic . She is a long-term teacher, vying for understanding of the subjects that she loves, and instilling the same love and respect from the students. She is honest with her students: there is a lot of work to be done – from both parties- and it will pay off. Payal creates a safe space for students to learn at their own pace and her holistic method helps them to find calm during stressful studying periods and tests. Payal is a great resource for parents unfamiliar with the school curriculum, and she makes herself available to discuss class selection or any other questions that may arise. She is a rarity in the educational system today: she teaches rather than evaluates. Better grades surely come as a consequence of self-confidence, growth, and comprehension of topics. 

Parent of Student (Algebra II, Precalculus, Physics, AP Calculus BC, SAT Math)

I started tutoring with Payal in the summer going into 8th grade when I was given the opportunity to do Algebra 1 instead of pre-algebra for the following year. Math definitely wasn’t my strongest subject and you had to take a placement test at the start of the school year to make it into the advanced class. So I decided to prepare for it over the summer with Payal. Payal was so helpful, helping me clearly understand math, retrace important points I had not learned in the past and finally regain my confidence. After the summer with Payal’s assistance flew by, it was time for the test at the start of the school year. I honestly had originally decided to do Algebra a year early because a lot of my friends were doing it but it turned out after we got the results back from the test that I was one of my only friends to get into the class! I could have never done this if it weren’t for all of Payal’s help. After I was admitted to the class I continued to tutor with Payal for extra assistance and she has really opened my eyes to a whole new world of math. It is now my second school year with Payal and math is much less of a burden. I always look forward to our lessons because she isn’t just smart, she is also very enjoyable to talk to and has a great supportive attitude. She knows the answers to all of my questions and keeps me extra prepared for my tests and quizzes. I love having Payal as my tutor and I am grateful to be one of her students.

Student (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

Before I went Payal for my BC calculus class I constantly struggled to connect the pieces and I truly wasn’t enjoying the class. Then when I started to go to Payal, slowly things started to make sense within the class. She has a great way of connecting with her students, so you know she cares. It was of course a long process, but Payal’s class made it worth it with my grades significantly improving as well as me developing more and more confidence within the class. Eventually AP tests came up and I was a nervous wreck, but once I completed it I realized I never should’ve been scared. Payal prepared me thoroughly and I was more than prepared. The AP test was a breeze because of her classes. Not only was she a great teacher, but the way we connected through our classes proved how one can be a teacher and a friend.

Student (AP Calculus BC)

My son and daughter both take math classes with Payal. While my daughter is just starting out, my son has benefited greatly from working with Payal. She has become a member of our family. Not only does she take away any anxiety associated with academics, but she is also there to look out for your child emotionally and mentally. She puts her whole heart into teaching and is always there 100%.  She truly loves what she does and we could not be happier. Working with Payal has been one of the greatest investments we made.

Parent (First Child: Physics, Geometry, Algebra II/ Second Child: 7th grade math)

My daughter had been struggling with math for the past year. She had lost all confidence that she would ever do well in math. That was when we found Payal. She came highly recommended by friends. She has an uncanny ability to connect with her students, to precisely uncover the underlying problems and give the student the skills and confidence to succeed. Her passion for teaching shows thru with her personalized approach and guidance. We have proof. Just 4 months with Payal has turned our daughter around. She has advanced a whole grade level in Math just over the summer and has a new confidence which is reflecting in her math class/grades. We see her smile instead of grimace with math. I just have two words. Thank You!!  ( A HUGE BIG LOT )!! 😊

Parent (Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, SAT Math)

Before I went to Payal, I went to a different tutor. I was struggling with AP Calculus and my old tutor did not explain any of the concepts in a way that I could understand. I decided to switch tutors and a friend recommended Payal to me. Payal explained everything to me clearly and in a way that I would understand. Unlike the previous tutor, these classes felt more interactive. I saw an immediate improvement in my test scores and I was a lot more confident. Another thing that she does that helps is that she is constantly communicating with my mom, which helps enforce discipline. She assigns homework every class so that you are constantly practicing. Payal also did extensive work in preparation for the AP test which helped me a ton. When I actually took the AP test, it felt like the easiest test ever. I would recommend Payal to anyone who is struggling in math because she teaches in a way that you won’t feel overwhelmed by the content. I guarantee a major improvement in your learning ability.

Student (AP Calculus AB)

Currently I am a junior in high school, taking AP Calculus AB. When I first started receiving Payal’s help last year, I was taking Geometry Honors and Algebra II Honors in one school year. From the time before I received her help, to the time I started working with her, I became much more comfortable with the many new concepts I was learning, and the concepts became much more clearer to me, due to her vast knowledge of mathematics and science and her creative approach to teaching. To get ahead in school, I took Pre-Calculus Honors in only 6 weeks in the summer; although those 6 weeks were a bit overwhelming due to the fast pace, Payal took the time and effort to help me advance comfortably through that course. Payal is an excellent teacher not only due to the academic help she provides, but also due to the compassion and care she shows toward her students. The learning environment is very congenial and comfortable. Class with Payal is always enjoyable, and I constantly look forward to it.

Student (Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry)

Learning Pre-calc from Payal didi was not only extremely beneficial academically, but enjoyable as well. We instantly connected, and In addition to finally understanding what I was doing in class, I found my motivation to learn again. Being online made it that much more comfortable as I was in my own home, was extremely adaptable to my busy high school schedule, and losing time through commute was never an issue!

Student (Precalculus, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry)

Payal has done an excellent job tutoring our two children. She is patient, professional and very knowledgeable. We have worked with other tutoring services before and appreciate how prompt Payal is as well as her attentiveness and flexibility. She helped our daughter get ready for Algebra and Geometry and our son as a sixth grader, prepare for the Algebra entrance exam. Payal is kind, thorough and has great communication skills with our children as well as with us in keeping us up to date with what their focus should be on. She instills a strong work ethic in our children and has taught them math skills that are setting them up for lifelong success. Payal works hard to find mutually convenient scheduling and makes sure that our children thoroughly understand the material. I highly recommend her to any student at any age and skill level.

Parent of Student (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

Mrs. Payal is a wonderful teacher and a great person. It requires a lot of dedication and preparation on her part to teach the kids online, and she does it with such ease. It is challenging enough to teach the kids in person and doing it online without impacting the quality is truly amazing. I am glad we found her to teach our son and we see the improvement not only in his academics, but also in his confidence level. 

Parent of Student (Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, SAT math, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics I)

I was introduced to Ms. Payal Patel as a potential ‘online’ tutor for my child.  I dismissed the idea because I did not believe online tutoring was meritorious.  It seemed too remote and I feared my daughter would stray during instruction. Fast forward to COVID when everything became remote, I found myself approaching Ms. Patel. My daughter just finished a full year of studying Geometry (at accelerated level) with her.  Ms. Patel is a patient instructor intuitively adapting to the individual student’s needs. She challenges the student to more complex matter within the scope of the subject and the student’s capabilities hereby stimulating the mind and keeping the child engaged. Ms. Patel has a few novel ways of instruction that my daughter likes and has benefitted from.  While Ms. Patel is approachable and kind, she is firm on assignments and home review practice. She also holds herself accountable with monthly assessments to the parent on the student’s progress/constraints. I am satisfied and happy to recommend her as a teacher.

Parent of Student (Geometry, Algebra II, Physics, Precalculus, Chemistry)

Payal has her way with the kids. She is nice, professional and gently strict at the same time. She keeps parents well informed about the kid so it’s easy to communicate. We can see the difference in grades within a month. I would definitely recommend her!

Parent of Student (AP Calculus BC)

My daughter started with Payal in the high-school freshman year.  She has excelled in math from that point on.  With Payal’s help, the most difficult math concepts are now comfortable and challenging, rather than difficult and complicated.  Payal has a knack for making math fun and exciting. Payal has been extremely important in my daughter’s new found passion for Math. I have noticed that my daughter now finds math exciting and enjoyable and most importantly achievable.   Payal,  we are so fortunate to have your love of Math affect our daughter so passionately. 

Thank you so very much.  

Parent of student (Algebra II, Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, Physics)

I started to learn geometry with Payal didi, the summer before the school year started, and with her help, I was able to grasp concepts so much easier, and during class, I didn’t have trouble solving the problems. I was even able to help my friends out as well. She knew her students well and was able to tell when I was tired or when my head hurt. She made class enjoyable and academically helpful at the same time. Overall, her tutoring helped me not only end with an A in geometry but also made geometry a more enjoyable experience.

Student (Later half of Algebra I, Geometry, Physics)

Our daughter was struggling with math, falling behind her peers, and losing confidence, so we reached out to Ms. Patel for extra help. They have only been working together for a few months, but we have already seen a tremendous improvement in her math skills and confidence.

Parent of student (5th and 6th grade math)

I am a middle school student who goes to Ms. Payal to learn geometry. Ms. Payal can always make learning fun. She makes difficult concepts easier to understand, and she always pushes me to do my best. I love her laid-back, yet still firm, style of teaching. Ms. Payal has made a huge impact on my grades and I am very grateful to have her as a teacher.

She is, by far, the best tutor I’ve ever had.

Student (Geometry, Algebra II, AP Physics)

I feel that tutoring not only helps me understand the topic, but help me to grow more independent thinking. There’s always this pleasant atmosphere that helps me to take my time and better revise what I’m learning. I’ve learned different ways of approaching various problems and that’s all because of tutoring. I feel that Online tutoring gives me a different approach but feels just as meaningful as a teacher in a classroom.

Student (Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, SAT math, AP Chemistry, AP Calucus BC, AP Physics I)

Of all the teachers that I’ve had, perhaps one of the most hard working is Payal. She is an excellent teacher with several methods to alleviate stress no matter how difficult a situation is. She also maintains a healthy relationship with the student. Payal is always coming up with new and innovative methods to help her students absorb information. I had a very busy schedule my junior year and she was very accommodating to my schedule.   

Student (AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC)

Ms. Patel is nice and understanding. Whenever I don’t understand something she maps it out for me step by step.

Student (6th grade math, 7th grade math)

We cannot thank Ms.Payal enough for tutoring my daughter for Math and Physics. My daughter has been her student since the beginning of the pandemic, we were worried about not getting enough knowledge during virtual schooling, but with Ms.Payal’s tutoring it not only kept my daughters confidence up but going back to regular school was less stressful on her.
Ms.Payal is very skillful, patient, enthusiastic and is excellent in handling kids and making teaching interesting and comforting. Most importantly she shares the updates with us on time regarding progress and ways to enhance the child’s learning curve. We are very happy to have her as my daughter’s math and physics teacher and would recommend it to anyone.

Parent (Geometry, Algebra II, Physics)

Payal is a great teacher. She’s excellent at Math. The added bonus is she can relate to the student and is empathetic to them. She works with them to alleviate stress which speeds up the learning of the subject. She’s always updating you of the progress of your child.

Parent of student ( AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC )

The classes offered by Payal didi helped me both maintain and enhance my mathematical skills- especially during covid when school was 100% remote. The weekly classes ensured I was still learning the material and understanding it thoroughly. The material I learned prepared me for future lessons in math, quizzes, and tests. During the time allotted for our class I was able to discuss any concerns and questions I had. I had a great experience and I would recommend it to others who are struggling in their classes or anyone who feels like they are falling behind. Not only is Payal didi very knowledgeable regarding math she truly wants to see her students succeed and I feel you can only benefit from the classes offered. 

Student (Algebra II, Precalculus)