The Learning In Stillness (LIS) Approach

Please take a few minutes to read the approach below.

Rigor & Expectations: At LIS I hold high expectations as I guide students to dive deep into concepts and then systematically practice what they have learned in school and in the sessions in front of me. In order to make the math second nature, there is a lot of intensive practice and, if needed, lots of repetition. This in turn helps students build pattern recognition and see concepts from a bird’s eye view.

Homework: Practice, practice, practice! To make content second-nature, students are assigned homework (uploaded onto the whiteboard) that is due each session and systematically checked and thoroughly corrected every class. Follow-up questions are assigned to ensure mastery.

Distance Disappears: Students feel as if they are sitting right next to the tutor. Technology is an art and, when used with expertise, mimics in person tutoring. With an infinite online whiteboard, writing is seen by both the child and tutor as soon as it is placed on the whiteboard. The whiteboard is saved and accessible by the student at any point in the future. Video calling is also used so that the tutor and student can see each other as they work together.

Hundreds of documents, including sections of books, handouts, homework, and graph paper can be instantly uploaded. We can work directly on the uploaded worksheets, correct directly on uploaded homework, and erase and retry problems and graphs as if using paper and pencil.

Sessions take place online from the comfort of your own home (no time lost driving anywhere!) where your child’s materials are next to them and can be sent to me with a click of a button and placed on the shared whiteboard.

The Duo – Content Knowledge and Expertise in Teaching & Learning: Having studied and excelled in the most rigorous STEM programs, I take great pride in offering tutoring with in-depth content knowledge in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics as well as the interconnected nature of the subject matters. The gem I add at LIS is mastery in teaching students that comes with years of experience and reflection over teaching hundreds of students from a multitude of backgrounds. At LIS, through my tutoring, you truly experience the difference experience + knowledge make.

Highly Personalized & Clear Communication – Tutoring is personalized for each student. I communicate frequently with parents about work habits, strengths and weaknesses, and action plans as my work with the student evolves over time. The student, tutor, and parent/guardians are a team that works together to support the child. No two students are taught the same exact way – one size does not fit all.

Cultivating Habits for Lifelong Success: At LIS, I teach content to bring improvement in both grades and understanding. More importantly, I train students to cultivate lifelong learning habits, analytical skills, and a strong work ethic. I seamlessly embed the work of unwinding detrimental mindsets and replacing them with healthy learning-driven mindsets directly into my tutoring. I work to prepare the child for success as an independent learner once he or she steps out into the world.

Holistic: The world is growing more and more complex and competitive as each day passes. I also offer optional guidance (see blog) on how to deal with stress and overwhelm using mindfulness-based techniques. I talk to students on how to approach anxiety while taking exams, teach students about healthy expectations, give students tips on how to unwind before sleeping (huge prerequisite to health and learning), and create space for the student to make mistakes and learn from them in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Learning How to Learn…is a long term process and the more effort placed into the art and science of learning early on, the more benefits the child reaps moving forward. The benefits grow exponentially as the child grows older and can grasp new concepts (in any context) and create their own sound insights.