Stillness Meditation from Article Link Stillness:


Art of Observation Meditation from Article Link Art of Observation:

Embracing Your Pace Meditation from Article Link of Embracing Your Pace.

Waves of the Mind Meditation from Waves of the Mind Article

Test Anxiety Meditation I:

Test Anxiety Meditation II:

Uncluttering the Mind & Heart

Embracing the Evolving Mind: In Conversation with Struggle (Article Link click here):

Practicing Distraction and Practicing Focus (Article Link click here):

Self Regulation I: Getting To Know the Breath (Article Link click here):

Note: All background music is by Chris Collins.

Morning Mindfulness: The Candlelight Flame and The Mind (see article here)

With Music:

Without Music:

Gratitude Meditation (See article here):


Recultivating the Fearless Child-Mind Meditation:
(See articles Part I and Part II)