Recultivating the Fearless Child-Mind: Part II

Being a child is one of the most fascinating experiences – the mind journeys into realms and places that adults often struggle to imagine. In the fixed daily path we follow day-in and day-out, our minds get used to routines. Breaks in routine are often experiences that break open the fears, unhelpful habits, and sadness that lie deep within all of us. These unknown experiences, “breaks in routine”, open us up to the moment-to-moment uncertainty that is the reality of our existence. But as children, play and imagination were the doors through which our minds made meaning of each moment and this play allowed an expression of our fears, worries, and sadness in creative ways, allowing us to learn about ourselves and the world. While complete chaos threw us off, we generally did not fear new experiences – well, that is, until we were conditioned to fear that the world was not always a safe place. We heard scary stories in the news, the test-driven culture drove us to places of discomfort, and seeing bullying or teasing at social events made us wary.

In the learning process, the fear of opening up to each moment, which ultimately unleashes insights and creativity, bars our ability to process new concepts, experiences, and skills in meaningful ways – ways that go beyond just the textbook and help us explore and understand the world around ourselves. And so, the purpose of this meditation is to embrace wandering pathless while tending to our fears, without any specific aim, just as we did once when we were children. We hope to engage our minds, through imagination, in the fearless, joyful, and engaging play of learning. Join me in this unique meditation below – it’s quite different from my other ones and I hope you find it helpful, enjoyable, and a bit adventurous 🙂

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