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Recultivating the Fearless Child-Mind: Part II

Being a child is one of the most fascinating experiences – the mind journeys into realms and places that adults often struggle to imagine. In the fixed daily path we follow day-in and day-out, our minds get used to routines. … Continue reading

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Recultivating the Fearless Child-Mind

Do you remember hoping for a huge storm as a child – one that threw out the electricity so you could sit in the dark, tell scary stories, or play with flashlights? For example, I remember playing tag using flashlights … Continue reading

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Self-Regulation I: Getting To Know Your Breath

One of the first steps to developing the fertile soil in which we can plant seeds (in the form of tools) that help us self-regulate is getting to know one of the most mysterious and ever-present aspects of our beings: … Continue reading

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The Art of Observation

If we travel back to our birth, we realize that learning did not take place through formal instruction – nor was there a handbook available to us on how to recognize qualities that made up our new environment: new parents, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Learning In Stillness!

Welcome Learning In Stillness Readers! Peace and Love, Payal Patel

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