img_0295.jpgStillness helps create space in our minds to think, and time in our day-to-day lives to regain our clarity, patience, and knack for insight. When we become very still, we are able to listen to each sound, experience each breath, and open up to every moment. Our awareness of ourselves in the scheme of the universe expands. Mingled feelings, swarming thoughts, and remnants of experiences re-surface.

All of this may sound familiar to some of us. For most of us, however, stillness is not familiar and the idea of being still sounds exotic. Our minds are used to fears, excitements, frustrations, among many other emotions and feelings. Our hands are almost wired to check our phones or email accounts every fifteen minutes. Our eyes are used to viewing ever-changing images on the screen. There is so much simulation that, when we try to become still, our mind and body refuse to do so. We sit down to read, but the mind is glued to the latest stream of texts from friends, worries about exams, in curiosities about gossip, or virtually any kind of feeling or thought. In the face of all this, it is impressive we are even able to process and grow and learn.

However, if we want to truly learn from each moment and we want to commit to learning, growing, and thriving in every moment, we must first commit to practicing stillness. Yes! You can actually practice this. Let’s begin our first meditation together. In fact, you can lie down for this one. Play the video below to begin the “Stillness Meditation” (background “Piano Meditation” music by Chris Collins).

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