On Struggle (Part 3): In Conversation With Struggle

In the my last article, On Struggle (Part 2): Embracing the Evolving Mind, I promised to post my meditation on understanding struggle and embracing the evolving mind. Today’s post is primarily a video containing a meditation with the background image of a tree with numerous branches, representing the activity and thoughts of the mind. Just as the tree changes over time and gives rise to new branches and roots, our minds also change in response to its environment. The environment for our mind is the set of experiences, new information, and stumulations absorbed in every moment. If we engage in productive struggle in every moment as the mind collects new information or insights, then we open the doors to growth and evolution of the mind.

The meditation I present below, In Conversation with Struggle, engages the listener in a deep conversation with Struggle in its personified form from On Struggle (Part 1): Befriending Struggle.


Note: Background “Piano Meditation” music by Chris Collins.


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